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Surplice, In His Service lace insets
Surplices are long, loose-sleeved garments made of white, lightweight material, worn over a cassock. It may very in lenfth anywhere from fingertip to almost ankle length. May be adorned with lace insets.
Surplice, plain white, square neck



Surplice Pricing

Solid - square neck and pleats
Round neck and gathers
Lace Inserts (in house lace - 1 row hem and 1 row sleeve
Lace insert (in house lace - 2 row hem and 1 row sleeve
Liturgical lace insert 4.5" wide hem or sleeves
Liturgical lace on hem and sleeves
Web sample, with eyelet and IHS lace -
Using currently available eyelet
Cross lace 4.5" wide hem or sleeves
Hem and sleeves
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